Saturday, 18 June 2011

Happy Saturday To You ;o) the weather isn't exactly screaming "Happiness" but the sun is trying its hardest to peek through all the clouds and rain!!

I was up late last night picking through and editing photos for Flickr and in turn for my website...after adding them to groups and forums I just have to measure them and beads at last;o)

A sneeky peek at what's to come...

Ready For Website!

And a closer look...

Ursula's Garden (etched)

Ursula's treasures

Ursula's treasures

Ariel's Tidal Cavern



Midnight Storm

Green Goddess

Ursula (ribbed for pleasure)

Ursula's Garden

Black magik

Hope you're liking what you see!!..I have noticed that there are quite a few dark beads on here!?!..not sure whether that's due to my Mojo going A.W.O.L or the awful weather we've been subjected too!?
Then there's some brighter colours, which I'm hoping is signalling the return of my Mojo...fingers crossed.

Enjoy your weekend folks and catch you soon. x


  1. I like the second set of beads Georgie, they are really pretty :O) x

  2. Thankyou very much for stopping by and saying such lovely things..;o)xxx



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