Thursday, 16 June 2011

Blogroll for Nan of Polynana

Hi and welcome to my third blog ring post for the very talented Nan of Polynana Clay beads and buttons! Nan lives in rural Lincolnshire, where she does her creating!
She makes THE most wonderful beads and buttons! favourite to date being these....

4 Sparkly red buttons, polymer clay

Staying on a similar colour theme...I really rather like these too!! They remind me of looking through a kaleidoscope or..and a bit more bizarre, but a cobweb from one of Tim Burton's films(I do love his films!)....just me I'm sure..;o)

Gold and black polymer clay Biba-esque beads

And then we have her pretty are these!!....

purple orange flower cane

red flower

And not just talented at polymer clay either!!...Nan's skills stretch to fabric too....isn't this just so much fun!...sure to be a child's favourite for always...;o)

taggie 2

Nan has yet more to offer the form of art!...Stuck for a space to fill in her bedroom...she came up with these!!...


And last but not in the form of Zentangles....this one is called Yin Yang. This one in particular is my favourite..;o)

  Yin Yang

I do hope you enjoyed another insight into the world of a fellow crafter!
If you like what you see, you can find Nan's Etsy shop here

Thanks for listening...bye for now. x


  1. I loves the buttons :O) I too hail from rural Lincs...well the maternal parent does!! Long Sutton, its so flat there especially compared to here in hilly, mountainous rural Herefordshire! Thought I would stalk you on here too Georgie :O) Laney x

  2. Ha ha!!!!...hellooooo Laney..;o)) I don't mind you stalking!!....the buttons are just FAB aren't they!
    Thanks so much for taking the time and stopping by. Georgie xxx



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