Saturday, 4 June 2011

Blog ring post for Lisa (Oblibby)

Welcome to a new part of my blogging. Being a member of the Craft Pimp Forum and team member, It's my turn to spotlight on some of the very talented peeps out there!!

Week one is for Lisa (Oblibby) also known as Oodlesofobliciousness..;o)
She's a fantastic beader, cake maker, name but a few!!.....

You can find Lisa here for keeping up with what she's up to and here

Here's on of my favourite pieces!!

Chocolate being one of my loves, I couldn't leave this masterpiece out!!

Chainmaille is a love of mine also...clever lady!!

Love this card too..;o)

I do hope you've enjoyed this new start to a hopefully more consistent blog.
Thanks for listening.x

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