Saturday, 18 June 2011

Happy Saturday To You ;o) the weather isn't exactly screaming "Happiness" but the sun is trying its hardest to peek through all the clouds and rain!!

I was up late last night picking through and editing photos for Flickr and in turn for my website...after adding them to groups and forums I just have to measure them and beads at last;o)

A sneeky peek at what's to come...

Ready For Website!

And a closer look...

Ursula's Garden (etched)

Ursula's treasures

Ursula's treasures

Ariel's Tidal Cavern



Midnight Storm

Green Goddess

Ursula (ribbed for pleasure)

Ursula's Garden

Black magik

Hope you're liking what you see!!..I have noticed that there are quite a few dark beads on here!?!..not sure whether that's due to my Mojo going A.W.O.L or the awful weather we've been subjected too!?
Then there's some brighter colours, which I'm hoping is signalling the return of my Mojo...fingers crossed.

Enjoy your weekend folks and catch you soon. x

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Blogroll for Nan of Polynana

Hi and welcome to my third blog ring post for the very talented Nan of Polynana Clay beads and buttons! Nan lives in rural Lincolnshire, where she does her creating!
She makes THE most wonderful beads and buttons! favourite to date being these....

4 Sparkly red buttons, polymer clay

Staying on a similar colour theme...I really rather like these too!! They remind me of looking through a kaleidoscope or..and a bit more bizarre, but a cobweb from one of Tim Burton's films(I do love his films!)....just me I'm sure..;o)

Gold and black polymer clay Biba-esque beads

And then we have her pretty are these!!....

purple orange flower cane

red flower

And not just talented at polymer clay either!!...Nan's skills stretch to fabric too....isn't this just so much fun!...sure to be a child's favourite for always...;o)

taggie 2

Nan has yet more to offer the form of art!...Stuck for a space to fill in her bedroom...she came up with these!!...


And last but not in the form of Zentangles....this one is called Yin Yang. This one in particular is my favourite..;o)

  Yin Yang

I do hope you enjoyed another insight into the world of a fellow crafter!
If you like what you see, you can find Nan's Etsy shop here

Thanks for listening...bye for now. x

Monday, 13 June 2011

Flaming June...hmmmmm...

Morning all, I do hope the weather with you is a lot better with you than here!!...yet more rain and greyness:(

Leah our eldest daughter is flying out to Turkey with her boyfriend later for lovely is that!!sunshine and warmth! We'll be dropping them to the airport in a while.

Anyway...this is really just a quick update using my new ipad2;o)) just getting to grips with it at the mo, so no pics with this post, as they're all on my laptop and for some reason the synching is taking forever and no pics have gone across!?!?

I'll be doing another blog ring later and popping some pics on of new beads to come.

I do hope your day is a good one whatever it is you're up to. Catch you later. Xxx

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Blog ring post for Vickie Christian of Beads 4 Breakfast

So here I am again...this time it's for the very clever Vickie Christian of Beads 4 Breakfast!
She's only been making beads for 2years after playing with fire at a fabulous event called "Flame Off" back in 2009 she caught the bug and the rest is history!

Below are some of the fantastic beads she makes.

Icy leaves  Sapphire shine  Clear snow
Blue lines  Green with envy.  Green streaks.

If you like what you see you can find Vickie Here
If you're a facebooker, you can find her Here
Or a Blogger..keep up with Vickie Here

I hope you've enjoyed another insight into someone else's passion.

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Blog ring post for Lisa (Oblibby)

Welcome to a new part of my blogging. Being a member of the Craft Pimp Forum and team member, It's my turn to spotlight on some of the very talented peeps out there!!

Week one is for Lisa (Oblibby) also known as Oodlesofobliciousness..;o)
She's a fantastic beader, cake maker, name but a few!!.....

You can find Lisa here for keeping up with what she's up to and here

Here's on of my favourite pieces!!

Chocolate being one of my loves, I couldn't leave this masterpiece out!!

Chainmaille is a love of mine also...clever lady!!

Love this card too..;o)

I do hope you've enjoyed this new start to a hopefully more consistent blog.
Thanks for listening.x


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