Monday, 13 June 2011

Flaming June...hmmmmm...

Morning all, I do hope the weather with you is a lot better with you than here!!...yet more rain and greyness:(

Leah our eldest daughter is flying out to Turkey with her boyfriend later for lovely is that!!sunshine and warmth! We'll be dropping them to the airport in a while.

Anyway...this is really just a quick update using my new ipad2;o)) just getting to grips with it at the mo, so no pics with this post, as they're all on my laptop and for some reason the synching is taking forever and no pics have gone across!?!?

I'll be doing another blog ring later and popping some pics on of new beads to come.

I do hope your day is a good one whatever it is you're up to. Catch you later. Xxx

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