Sunday, 3 July 2011

Sunny Sunday ;o)

Playing....having been asked to make beads in the colours of my "Fire Cracker" range, but with the added bobbles of my "Bling Balls"!
This is what they look like!

I was also thrown into the world of picasa and not being at all familliar with this, I've been struggling to work out how to attach images to my emails and load to other places!?
Being not too savvy in the old computer world, photos as I knew them have now become a bit of a mystery!
On saying that though...there are some lovely features that I've discovered on Picasa that I wasn't able to do before..;o)

Ooops...and then I check back to see what it looks like...the collage is too small!!...another learning curve..I'll do better next time....;o)x
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  1. Love them Georgie!
    x x x x

  2. Helloooo lovely..;o) Thankyou so much!..;o)x



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